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Himin Solar Valley
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 Himin Solar Valley

                                                         ——Exemplary City for the World for 50 years to Come



General introduction of Himin Solar Valley

Himin Solar Valley is built with great effort of Himin Solar Co., Ltd. It provides great support for solar manufacturing, solar technology R&D and personnel training, which makes it as famous and important as “Silicon Valley” to America. HSV locates in Dezhou—China’s solar city. Its total floor area is over 3000. With Himin Solar and Ecoo Solar, two well-known brands in China’s solar industry, solar industry chain of HSV develops fast towards upstream and downstream. It has become China’s largest solar industry area.

HSV covers so many renewable energy items including solar heater, PV power and lighting, solar energy integrated with architecture, high temperature solar thermal power, Wenping energy-saving glass, solar air-conditioner and seawater desalination. According to the plan, Himin Solar Valley is supposed to be built as 9 major centers which are the world’s renewable energy manufacturing & logistic center, R & D and test center, conference and exchange center, education and training center, solar popular science exhibition center, tourism center, exhibition center for low carbon science and technology, low-carbon human habitat demonstration center and low-carbon international business center.


Introduction of Sun-Moon Mansion, the new landmark in morden solar field 

Micro-E Sun-Moon Mansion (shorts for Sun-Moon Mansion) is the landmark building of HSV. It is the world’s largest solar building and its total building area is 75 thousand square meters. In Sept, 1st, 2008, the headquarters of Himin Solar Co., Ltd has moved here.


Sun-Moon can be used for exhibition, scientific research, office, conference, training and hotel. It realizes the architecture integration with solar hot water providing, heating, cooling, and PV technology. The energy-saving rate is over 70%, and with the addition of solar heating and cooling, the rate is up to 88%. Himin not only improves the solar technology application standards but also develops a plenty of solar series products with own intellectual property.


A specific strategic promotion committee with the mayor as its commander has been established in Dezhou to speed up the construction of Solar City and Solar Valley. By 2010 the manufacturing worth of HSV is supposed to be 5o billion RMB. When all the projects put into production, the annual worth will be 100 billion RMB. At that time, HSV will be the word’s largest solar industry area.


The 4th International Solar Cities Congress was hosted in Himin Solar Valley

At 9am, Sept 16th, 2010, the 4th session of International Solar Cities Congress was held in Himin Solar Valley International Convention Center, Dezhou. Thousands of Guests from all over the world attended the opening ceremony. The Conference Theme is Sun Can Change Our Life.


Along with the global energy crisis and pollution increase, protecting the global environment and looking for renewable energy packaged design have become the significant subject for every country. Solar energy is rich, clean and convenient. Recent years, all the countries have set up the solar projects one after another, making the solar application develop rapidly.


The opening ceremony is host by Ms Monica Oliphant and Hua Jianmin. The former is the ex-president of international solar society and the latter is vice-chairman of NPC. Many celebrities have made a speech such as governor of Shandong province, Jiang Daming, vice-minister of National Energy Administration, Liuqi, president of the World’s Solar City Association, Cris David and so on.


International Solar Cities Congress is launched by the International Solar Cities Initiative. The conference aims to improve the energy efficiency policies, build a renewable energy city through the cooperation among the international solar cities.

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